Why us?

The decision to have a hair restoration procedure is an important one but where to get it performed is even more important. There are numerous quality hair restoration surgeons who can perform quality hair transplantation procedures. In the last decade the hair restoration speciality has refined surgical techniques that produce natural looking frontal hairlines. At Hair Science we perform all types of Hair restoration procedures like FUE, FUT, Bio Fibre and Robotic Hair Transplant. We distinguished ourselves from other offices because we primarily focus on FUE surgery.   We are a patient centred facility where personal care and attention is given to every patient before and after the Procedure.


Hair Science has been established from the year 2004 by Dr Anjali Shere and has performed more than 3000 procedures with excellent results. She has notably performed procedures on Bollywood Stars, Cricketers and other celebrities. Every step of your procedure is performed by following international standards and with highest attention to details making sure you get optimum results to give that natural look.


Hair Science is a dedicated clinic for Hair restoration and exclusively limited to Hair Transplantation only. We believe that when you do something do it properly and don’t put your fingers in different altogether to achieve optimum results. Unlike training for plastic surgery or other surgical specialties, there are no formal training programmes for hair transplant surgeons. Most of the training has to be obtained on the job and through courses. This in turn can lead to a very high variation in results achieved by experienced surgeons and by surgeons who are fairly new to the industry.
This can partly explain some of the poor and unacceptable results that are seen even in this day and age.


Each and every technique at Hair Science is performed according to international standards like in FUT(Follicular Unitary Transplant) Hair Science use enhanced Magnification to produce hair follicular unit for the most natural effect .Hair Science is considered to be the pioneers in bringing latest techniques to India and the only Clinic with Suction Robotic Hair Transplant machinery in India which opens path for transplant procedures like Beard Hair Transplant, Eyebrow Transplant, Eyelash Transplant, etc . Hair Science is the one of the first few Clinics in India that offered successfully to its patients the Hair Transplant Technique in 2004. Since then, hair transplantation by FUE has been continuously improving and it is now offered in its state of the art form. We have almost zero wastage of grafts hence the yields increase significantly due to Robotic hair Transplant.

Hair Transplant Cost:

Our pricing is competitive and transparent. No hidden costs. What you see is what you get. We provide international standard quality procedures at Indian Prices to provide optimum results and be in your budget. We don’t believe in spending large sums of money for advertising to attract clients as indirectly that would be recovered from the patient itself and then increase the price and create issues for the clients.

Licensed Clinic:

Hair Clinic is among the few Registered and Licenced clinic in India. There are many clinics in India which are not licensed and are not legally performing according to regulations and fooling patients which intern is giving a bad name to such a respected industry. We are governed under the Indian medical Law and we follow all the European rules and regulations of it.

Overseas Patients:

  • Our staffs speak several languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati and French.
  • Free pick-up and delivery service from and to the airport
  • Arrangement of flights and accommodation for the patients and their loved ones if required
  • Preferential room rates at local hotels or
  • Option of arranging daily tours and other recreational activities too if the patient demands

Hair Line Design:

Creating a Natural Hairline is considered as an art which is very important to provide you with an undetectable natural look. At Hair Science we have over a decade of experience of providing dense and hair oriented placement of hair to create the most natural Hair Line

Our Team:

Our Team has more than 10 years of experience in performing hair transplant. A highly skilled team and ensures a smooth, comfortable and simple in-office Procedure. Hair transplant is teamwork. Even the best of surgeons are only as good as their team.

Result Oriented:

We at Hair Science believe that our results speak for themselves. We have a gallery filled with genuine unedited and true pictures of our Patients which show how impressive our results are. Our Techniques offers some of the best yields in the industry, which in turn can be extremely cost-effective in the long run.


We believe that our job is not over once the procedure is over we follow a strict process for follow up to provide nourishment to implanted hair follicle and monitor the results. This increases the health of hair follicle and improves results.

Expert Advice:

Our Consultations are always FREE, we believe that a person may have loads of question before going for a procedure that might not be answered in our FAQs and we believe in educating people the truth about hair transplant and how it is really meant to be perceived and how it works. Putting a price for consultation restricts people to inquire and clear their doubts hence we don’t believe in charging anyone for consultation no matter how many times they prefer to come. Moreover the patient’s privacy and confidentiality are always assured.

Active Participant of ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) conferences:

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is the leading authority on hair loss treatment and restoration with more than 1,000 members throughout 60 countries worldwide. We are dedicated to promoting the highest standards of medical practice and medical ethics. The ISHRS also provides continuing education to physicians specializing in hair transplant surgery and is committed to providing the latest information on medical and surgical treatments but most commonly, men suffering from male pattern baldness as well as women who are experiencing female hair loss. They held their conferences every year to keep herself up to date with the latest developments in the field.


We offer guarantee to replace free of charge the grafts that haven’t taken up as part of our Restore guarantee scheme. We have one of the highest client satisfaction rates in the industry. We believe in a business model is purely based on recommendation and hence 90% of our clients come through a personal recommendation

Provide patient Reference and Pictures:

We provide reference of patient and Pictures so that you can talk to them regarding their results and satisfaction. You can refer the before after pictures of treated patients in the gallery to see how impressive our products.