Hair transplant surgeon Dr Anjali Shere, MD has been a key part in shaping modern hair restoration. The Pioneer in establishing several methods of modern hair restoration, Dr. Anjali Shere was the first Women in India to bring a wave of change in Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration Surgery. In addition, she has was the few to bring Robotic Hair Transplant to India an exciting new hair restoration technique a new method of hair restoration specifically designed to help patients with advanced stages of hair loss. Patients can now achieve great results from hair transplants. Once the donor grafts are harvested from the donor area(which can be from back side of your head or your beard or other parts of the body depending upon the condition of the donor area and the requirement of the Patient), the hair is transplanted to the balding recipient areas of the patient’s scalp. As a result, patients with advanced hair loss can now achieve excellent coverage on the balding areas of their head even if they have been bald from a long time. Dr Anajali Shere is respected for her honest and ethical assessment of a patient’s options and keen aesthetic sense in hair transplant design. We at Hair Science are thrilled to bring this revolutionary method of hair restoration to his practice. “It’s very exciting to report that the Robotic hair Transplant hair transplant method has become successful thanks to the improvement of Suction Robotic Hair Transplant techniques and our understanding of mechanisms involved in hair restoration in past years,” Hair Science Private Ltd is a Mumbai based company established by Dr Shere focusing on offering complete hair solutions and specifically specializing in high end robotic hair transplant treatments and other modern Hair Restoration techniques. Amongst one of the first few hair transplant specialist in India at the time, along with her focus on providing international standard treatments and patient care Dr Anjali Shere was quickly successful in winning confidence of her clients. She has since treated many Indian celebrities, including some Bollywood personalities as well as Indian cricket players. Dr Anjali Shere now operates out of a fully equipped modern clinic in Lokhandwala in Mumbai and university road,Pune. Dr Anjali Shere is an active participant of ISHRS conferences and Indian Association of Dermatologist & Venerologist and attend their conferences and events globally. With the Introduction of Robotic Hair Transplant in India she has changed the market in itself. She has always been as the Pioneer in the Field of Hair Transplant and Restoration. She has shown the Indian Market that she can lay the foundation for technology and is a trendsetter for everyone with more than just Satisfactory results from Dr Anjali’s long line of Patients she has set high standard for people all over India. She knows what is good for Patients and always provided excellent results with all of her patients coming forward to support her in expansions and many want to join her in the same endeavour. Dr Anjali Shere has not only educated people on the advantages of Robotic hair Transplant and other modern techniques of Hair Transplant but is the only female Dermatologist with a successful Practice for Hair Transplant all over India. She has been an inspiration and role to all new aspirants who even think of getting into the field of Dermatology. In her own words she states that “I have not even achieved half of what I have planned to Achieve”. With new techniques and ground breaking technology she has established a lot of goodwill in the market which has helped in establishing a Brand value in the market for “Hair Science”